At Tyler Outdoor Advertising, we devote a great deal of time and effort to ensuring our clients receive the quality of products and account service they deserve. So it's not without reason that we never turn down a compliment when one comes our way.

I went to lunch with my regional manager, Bill. The waitress took Bill's order and then asked me, "Mikey, what can I get for you?" Bill then asked me how often I ate there, and I told him it had been six months or more. Bill then asked, "How do you know the waitress?" I then responded by telling him I didn't know her. So of course, Bill asked the waitress how she knew me. She smiled and said, "Well that bus bench with his picture on it has been out there for two years. I'd hope I knew him when he came in."

- Michael Garey, State Farm Insurance

It’s the best thing we do, everybody sees it.

- Randy Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe Books

I am always apprehensive about placing for friends or family and that includes my Church Family. I was asked to help promote an event for our church, First Baptist of Oklahoma City, called "It's a Wonderful Life" the musical. We did not have much of a budget so I had to be frugal with the funds we had at hand. We decided that using the bus benches was the best bet to help promote and sell tickets for the event. We hoped we would be able to do about 200-300 people each night for the first year. We did three performances of the musical and averaged 500-600 each night, almost double what we thought we could do at best. The bus benches were a vital part of the success of the musical and we will use them again for our church and for our clients.

- Don Miner, Abernathy Agency